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An introduction to MENZ Grow® Penis Fat Transfer Therapy

Erectile Dysfunction seems to be a fairly common problem being faced by men today. Men seem to be attacked due to facing this condition as it alters with their otherwise normal and happy sexual life, and once this condition makes its appearance in their life, they think as if there is something wrong with them, or it is their fault that they are facing this issue.

But no – if you are facing the same problem, you do not need to blame yourself or worry at all. We are here to your rescue with yet another magical treatment this time!

Previously, only old-aged or elderly men encountered this problem. But now, fairly young people are facing this problem too. This becomes a source of shame and embarrassment for them.

If you are a suitable candidate for this treatment, then you are surely going to benefit greatly from the successful results of this therapy.

Is penis enlargement really the solution?

To answer this question as truthfully as possible – yes. Penis enlargement has a definite effect on the sexual and reproductive health of men. But not for all men.

There are many men out there who suffer from other conditions apart from Erectile Dysfunction. These other conditions include a micropenis, psychological anxiety sporting from the idea that your penis size is not large enough.

All of these factors add to the mental stress, and as a result, a man starts noticing that these erections are not the same anymore – they have become lifeless, and are not achieved as successfully as before.

For such men, a penis enlargement surgery is performed.

Details of the therapy:

The goal of this penile fat transfer surgery is to transfer such an amount of fat to the penile tissue that it does not only become fat in its girth but is also able to achieve a successful erection, an improved quality of standing up during micturition, and also – an improved and satisfactory sexual life.

  • The surgery involves transferring part of the fat extracted from the man’s body part to his penis. Usually, fat is obtained from any part of the body.
  • The fat that is supposed to be grafted is filtered for all excess materials, like red blood cells, any residual fluid, etc. as only the “fat” portion is required for enhancement purpose
  • There is no risk for any graft-host reaction or other allergic reactions because the fat cells are obtained from the body of the man himself.
  • This is an incision-free therapy. We use a blunt-tip, 18 g cannula for injecting the fat on to the penis.
  • Fat is grafted on the surface of the shaft of the penis. The fat itself gets distributed around the shaft of the penis. Once surgery has been done, manual distribution of the fat could be done too, to ensure the even distribution of fat all around the area.
  • No stitches are required after this treatment usually.

Complications associated with this treatment

Since this form of treatment is a surgery, and more than often there are some side effects or complications associated with such procedures, therefore let us have a look at some of the side effects associated with this treatment too:

  • Pain, redness, or swelling around the genital area,
  • Loss of sensation in the penis or the surrounding area,
  • Infections (Though we always give antibiotics to prevent them, so they are usually highly unlikely to occur!)
  • Lumpiness due to necrosis of the fat.

In some people, the grafted fat dissolves over time, after about a year or so. In such patients, multiple treatments need to be done to achieve the same results

Outcomes of Penile Fat Transfer:

After a successful surgery, a man with concerned problems would be able to notice

  • An increased length and width of the penis,
  • Good and a well-maintained erection,
  • Increased self-esteem and self-confidence.

At the end, where many men are struggling with erectile dysfunction and other erection or penis-related problems, treatment therapies like these come out as a fresh breath of air for these men.

These treatments no doubt have had their great success rates, but if one views their complications or side effects then he might want to rethink his decision of getting them done again.

In situations like these, it is always better to confide in your doctor all your concerns and discuss with him the potential problems that you have been facing. A doctor would not only be able to guide you through these procedures easily but would also recommend what could suit you best and help you enhance your sexual life easily. After all, that is what they say: No pains, no gains!

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