MENZ Exo Shot

Our minimally invasive MENZ Exo Shot Therapy offers a safe and effective way to improve the length of your penis with just a few simple injections. This treatment is non-surgical, affordable, and doesn’t require extensive time or recovery. Additionally, this therapy has been proven successful in generating long lasting results that make them far superior to other methods of improving the size and shape of the penis.

What are MENZ Exo Shot?

MENZ Exo Shot are an important component of STEM Cell – extra cells in the body that are capable of taking the shape of any cell as per the body’s needs. In conjunction with the STEM Cell, the MENZ Exo Shot work to deliver proteins, RNA, mRNA which is all essential material for protein synthesis and manufacture to the site where they are called upon. MENZ Exo Shot are smaller than the STEM Cell (hence, a part of them), and they can easily pass through your bloodstream without having to come across any barriers that stop them from doing so.

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Getting familiar with the MENZ Exo Shot

Aging is a normal process. We all are bound to age and simultaneously undergo through its changes at one or some other point in our lives.

Everyone perceives the process of aging differently. Some people age with grace, with no illnesses or diseases disturbing them. Whereas, others may go through a problematic aging process that keeps them on their toes at every time.

If we particularly talk about men, then there are several changes that an aging man goes through. Talking about reproductive health, a man’s hormone levels start declining, and he does not feel the same energetic, full of life, and manliness as he used to in his young age.

Erectile Dysfunction can be regarded as an age-related change too, but not always. Yet, here we are discussing erectile dysfunction in terms of an age-related consequence.
Subsequently, we shall keep our focus on treating an age-related erectile dysfunction concerning the aging phenomenon.

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What is this therapy all about?

The MENZ Exo Shot for erectile dysfunction is somewhat similar to the STEM Cell replacement therapy, but the main difference is that here, only the MENZ Exo Shot are being transferred, and the STEM Cell are being left behind.

  • In this therapy, a patient’s Platelet-rich Plasma Power (PRP) is mixed with the MENZ Exo Shot and then injected in the penis. This is because combining two powerful things in one place helps to restore penile function and blood flow at a better-rated speed.
  • The platelet-rich plasma Power (PRP) is taken as part of a blood sample from the man.
  • The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and after applying a numbing gel to prevent any pain. Generally, this procedure is usually painless and you do not need to worry about it.
    The MENZ Exo Shot mixed with Power PRP are injected into the penis. It takes a very less amount of time for the rejuvenation and the regeneration of the penis tissue to take place.
  • The MENZ Exo Shot ensure that blood flow to the penis is enhanced so that an erection could be achieved, and one that remains well-maintained is ensured too.
  • The MENZ Exo Shot Treatment might take up to 6 to 10 weeks for the results to fully manifest themselves in a man. After this, the results remain in a man for up to a year.

Are MENZ Exo Shot a relatively safe therapy?

In the context of erectile dysfunction, MENZ Exo Shot are considered to be a relatively safe therapy. This is because, in some places, they seem to demonstrate an advantage over the STEM Cell and that advantage being:

  • They are free from the potential side effects that are otherwise noted with STEM Cell.
  • Their size is smaller than STEM Cell, which implies that a comparatively larger dose of MENZ Exo Shot could be injected as a single dose at one time.
    Their specialty seems to be the older or aging cells, where they work to restore and regenerate the former function that has been compromised.

Effects of the MENZ Exo Shot therapy

A man getting this therapy can easily notice the following effects within a short time:

  • An Increased Erection Rate,
  • Improved and well-maintained erections,
  • Long-lasting erections that automatically enhance the sexual experience,
  • An overall improvement in the health and wellbeing of a person (which is mainly due to his tensions relieving due to the problem getting finally solved).

Side effects of the treatment

This treatment is a non-surgical and non-invasive treatment option. There are no serious side effects associated with it. Yet, a person is most likely to experience:
  • Swelling of the penis or surrounding area,
  • Bruising of the penis or surrounding area,
  • Tenderness around the genital area.
However, the side effects are usually short-lived and usually wear off after a day or two. If you are feeling skeptical, you can always take a pain-killer to help you relieve the pain. So, the MENZ Exo Shot Therapy is a relatively safe and non-invasive therapy, to begin with. It was earlier supposed to be a treatment option for old men with erectile dysfunction, but now, young people are getting benefited from it as well. It not only regenerates and revitalizes the penis tissues but also enhances and restores fulfilling blood supply to the penis which in turn helps it in achieving a sustained erect state. So, what are you waiting for? Consult your doctor today and get to know if you are a suitable candidate for this treatment!

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