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What is Pellet Therapy about?

The Testosterone Pellet therapy is based on injecting a testosterone pellet in the body which then assures that sufficient testosterone levels are maintained in the body that enables it to perform its function.

  • The Testosterone pellets are small in size, but perform a long-lasting function. We make use of the Method to keep our patient’s testosterone levels consistent and balanced.
  • The Method makes sure that the injected pellet behaves as naturally as possible, and assumes an identical function like the natural hormone itself.
  • These pellets are subcutaneously injected over the hip or buttock region, where they take their time to set and then simultaneously release testosterone into the body.
  • Once the testosterone starts reaching its destination, it causes blood to flow throughout the penis blood vessels. This enhanced blood flow causes a stable erection to be achieved successfully.
  • This erection was maintained for about 30-60 minutes and was enough for the man to engage in sexual intercourse successfully.
  • This therapy could very efficiently be performed as an out-patient procedure at a clinic as there is no rocket science behind this treatment, and could be done easily.
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Introduction To Pellet Therapy

Erectile Dysfunction, or ED, occurs in a man because of hormonal changes. More than often, low testosterone levels are the culprit behind causing this condition.

In a normal, healthy man who has approached puberty, the testosterone levels are spiking and are higher than they could ever be.

  • They add to your masculinity and make your muscles more defined, rugged, and tugged, giving you a (devilishly!) handsome appearance, along with causing several other changes in your body that are a part of your reproductive health and its normal functioning.
  • But unfortunately, this is not the case with everyone. In many men, testosterone does not go up as expected. Its levels either remain the same as before puberty or are caused to be lowered down because of any hidden reason that is only diagnosed after a proper evaluation.
  • When testosterone levels are down, all of the anticipated postpubertal changes do not occur as expected. Men fail to maintain or even achieve an erection too. This is no doubt a condition that adversely affects a man’s sexual life and poses a very negative impact on his mental health.
  • But what is to remember here is that every erectile dysfunction does not always occur due to low testosterone levels.
  • There are several other causes and medical conditions as well that might cause a failed erection.

Pellet Therapy For Erectile Dysfunction

  • The best part about erectile dysfunction is that it is very much a treatable condition. Men should be confident enough to go to a doctor as soon as they notice any changes in maintaining their erection so that early interventions could be made to reverse the condition as soon as possible.
  • Let us discuss an increasingly popular form of therapy devised for Erectile Dysfunction – Pellet Therapy.
  • This therapy is a hormone-based therapy that works to keep the hormones within their normal levels. It is used for different “hormonal” reasons in both men and women.
  • In women, the pellet works to deliver estradiol inside the body. For women, they serve to either improve the postmenopausal symptoms, or in younger women, they work to improve sexual gratification and frequency of orgasms.
  • Whereas in men, it works to deliver testosterone hormone through the pellet to restore the reduced blood flow to the penis which in turn causes a successful and good-intensity erection to be maintained.
  • The testosterone-based pellet therapy is a minimally invasive therapy that consists of inserting a pellet inside the body in an outpatient procedure.
  • It exerts its effects on the penis and the mechanism of erection, and as a result, a successful erection is achieved by the person.
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Harmful effects of pellet therapy

Pellet therapy is associated with a little risk concerning a man’s comorbid conditions. It has also been reported that the whole insertion process could cause pain or irritation at the site of administration, and this irritation could continue for some time even after the administration.

Apart from this, a few side effects reported because of this therapy include:

Extrusion from the implantation site,

However, no doubt that this pellet therapy is quite a helpful option and can successfully help men with erectile dysfunction achieve a successful and well-maintained erection.

But, there are certain side effects and adversities associated with this treatment option too.
So, only a careful and thorough evaluation and recommendation by the doctor can help you decide whether you are a suitable candidate for receiving this therapy or not.

Please call us and schedule an appointment with us for consultation. We would be then able to guide you in detail whether or not you are a suitable candidate for this treatment.

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