STEM Cell Replacement Therapy

Dr. J provides Effective STEM Cell Injections therapy for Erectile Dysfunction

What is STEM Cell?

Erectile Dysfunction, abbreviated for ED, is a commonly encountered condition in men. It is the ability in which a man is unable to get, or even if he gets, to maintain an erection. This disability limits the man from engaging in sexual intercourse and could be a source of great embarrassment for him.

This condition was also known as “Impotence” previously, but the term is no longer used now.

Sometimes an Erectile Dysfunction could be due to stress too. But this form of erectile dysfunction is usually a short-lived, temporary phase. It resolves on its own eventually as the stress levels are toned down.

What should be an alarming problem for you is when you notice that this problem is here to stay. That is, when you notice a persistence in the condition, that does not go away on its own.

Previously, erectile dysfunction was usually diagnosed in men between 60 – 70 years of age, but now, with an increase in stress and frustration being noticed in society all over the world, it is being diagnosed in younger age groups as well.

Apart from the psychological causes, many medical conditions like diabetes, hypertension, kidney diseases, prostate surgery also contribute towards causing ED.

What is the STEM Cell Therapy all about?

STEM Cell Therapy, according to scientists and researchers, is considered to be quite an effective treatment option for all the men who have been struggling with ED.

It has so far shown only promising and successful results, and so could be blindly trusted upon by you to achieve your desired results.

  • The best part about opting for this treatment is that it has been found that this therapy might be able to affect men in the long-term with its successful results, and would not disappoint them with its temporary, short-lived effects.
  • The STEM Cell Therapy employed for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction is a safe and sound procedure that has proved itself to be quite a successful treatment option, owing to the higher success rates.
  • Men have reported promising results and an improvement in the performance during sexual intercourse within a year of receiving this miraculous STEM Cell therapy.
    Not only does it improve erectile problems, but also boosts the affected man’s confidence and helps him feel better about himself.
  • STEM Cell Replacement Therapy not only helps men achieve a well-maintained erection, but also helps in improving the strength of the erection, nerves, endothelium, and muscle quality of the penile tissue.

Treatment options for Erectile Dysfunction

Doctors have worked hard to find a treatment that resolves this condition, but because of the emotional and psychological factors associated with this condition, specifically the feelings of embarrassment and disappointment in oneself, doctors often fail to address this situation effectively.

The medicines that are advised for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction have their own adverse effects’ profile that can further harm the life of the affected person.

There exist many such treatment modalities that are directed towards this issue only, and consequently, help the patient in achieving an erection soon after the treatment has taken place.

We shall discuss one of such treatment options that are directed towards this issue and have shown successful results so far.

STEM Cell Therapy For Erectile Dysfunction

STEM Cell are those cells present in the body that do not have a specific function to perform, yet they can transform into any kind of cell that is required by the body.

The STEM Cell are undifferentiated and are most commonly extracted from a part of the body of the same individual who needs them to be placed in some other part of the body, or from human embryos.

STEM Cell Therapy which is used for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction uses abdominal fat cells. These fat cells are inserted into the erectile tissue of the man’s penis, and simultaneously help him in achieving an erection.

When a man receives abdominal cells in his erectile tissue, the erectile tissue regenerates and improves erection quality, increased penis size, and enhanced performance is noticed during sexual intercourse.

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