MENZ Wave® - Gainswave® Therapy

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What Is GAINSWave®?

GAINSWave® is a name given to a treatment option for erectile dysfunction that focuses on delivering high-frequency shockwaves to the penile tissue.

This is performed using a device and is based on the principle that these shock waves will stimulate new blood vessels to start growing within the penis and in the surrounding areas.

The purpose of stimulating new blood vessel growth to take place is simple: an enhanced blood flow ensures an erection and helps in maintaining it for a longer time.

This procedure is a safe and simple one. It is a non-surgical method and has no serious side effects associated with it.

A brief introduction to the MENZ Wave® Gainswave® Therapy

Erectile dysfunction, formerly known as impotence, is the ability of a man to maintain or achieve an erection that is strong enough to let him perform well during sexual intercourse.

This condition can affect any man. Sometimes, it might arise due to any common daily-life reason like elevated stress levels, a brief hormonal change, or any other injury or operation performed within that area.

But the problem arises when you begin to notice this change more than twice.

When you see that things getting better in your life have no such impact on the betterment of this erection problem – this is when you should start getting alarmed, and then simultaneously get yourself an appointment booked with your doctor to find out more about this condition.

Some men have this misconception that once they get diagnosed with erectile dysfunction, it is the end of their sexual life. They can no longer maintain a happy relationship, and that they will now be considered as abnormal by their partners. This is not true at all.

If diagnosed correctly and at the right time, then erectile dysfunction can not only be reversed, but can also be enhanced to the extent that it makes you feel vigorous, energetic, and as heroic as ever about yourself!

Want to know how? Keep reading on!

Menz Wave Near ME
Menz Wave Near ME

Is Getting MENZ WAVE® GAINSWave® Therapy Safe?

Most definitely it is safe! The MENZ WAVE® – GAINSWave® Therapy is an outpatient, non-invasive procedure which hardly requires about 1-2 hours of your day.

You can easily book your appointment and come back to home or work once you are done.

This therapy will cause you no pain. One single treatment session takes about 20-30 minutes to be completed. A numbing gel would be applied to the penis and the surrounding area for extra support and care.

The device is held over the penis, the shaft, the base of the penis, and other locations to effectively deliver the shockwaves deep inside the tissues.

It is very safe, and less than 30% of the patients experience a tingling or burning sensation in the affected area, and that too – for a short while only. The rest of the men do not feel anything at all.

This treatment plan comprises about 6-8 treatment sessions, depending on the severity of the issues. After the entire treatment has been completed, the effects are noted which are always successful.

The MENZ WAVE® – GAINSWave® Therapy is no doubt a very helpful and supportive treatment for men struggling with erectile dysfunction.

Men, who get second thoughts when they think of other invasive, surgical procedures, can easily benefit from this non-invasive and painless treatment therapy. It has a success ratio of about 80%. What more can you ask for?

How does this therapy help in ed?

MENZ WAVE® – GAINSWave® Therapy now only enhances the achievement of an erection by stimulating new blood vessel formation, but also eliminates the fatty micro plaques that may be hindering the erection, while also causing growth factors to be released into the penile tissue.

Once the problem has been resolved, it helps men in restoring their erections, maybe even more powerful and better than before.

The impact of MENZ Wave® - Gainswave® Therapy

Once a man has received his MENZ WAVE® – GAINSWave® Therapy, he can soon start experiencing its beneficial effects. These effects are thought to last for up to 1-2 years, and comprise of the following noticeable changes:

  • Increased Sensitivity in the penis,
  • Firmer and Increased Erections,
  • An Increased Penile Girth,
  • Increased and Enhanced Blood Flow to the Penis
  • A comparatively lesser time required for a rebound erection

Who can benefit from this therapy?

Even though this therapy is directed towards men who have a problem in maintaining their erections or who suffer from a documented case of erectile dysfunction, but still, this therapy is also for all those men who face difficulties in maintaining an erection due to the following reasons:

  • Clogged or blocked blood vessels
  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Obesity
  • Stress, Depression, Performance Anxiety
  • Smokers or Drug-abusers
  • ED patients looking for a minimally invasive or nonsurgical procedure as their treatment option.

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